Virtual Roundtables

Engage Buyers through Virtual Rountable events

Virtual Roundtables are a great way to connect industry professionals with industry-leading solution providers, facilitating networking, learning, and relationship building through a private virtual event.

These events are 90 minute online versions of’s successful roundtable format which average 87% in participant feedback. Generally, there are 8 participants (5 buyers, 2 sponsor representatives, and a moderator).

Virtual events explore a specific challenge presented by one of the buyer participants that has been selected via a voting round beforehand. The challenge must lie within a theme that has been outlined by the sponsor.

Why Virtual Rountables?

Tap into the minds of decision-makers and influencers working within your target accounts.

Participate in a stimulating discussion which uncovers challenges and issues 

Demonstrate thought leadership by sharing relevant knowledge and experience

Establish your company as a credible option for solving the problems identified 

TechPros Virtual Roundtable Workflow

Consult and agree on a tropical theme

Build a co-branded event landing page

Secure participants from pre-defined target list

Engage and brief attendees on the event format

Oversee pre-event voting and selection of challenge

Host and moderate event

Collect feedback from all participants

Produce key findings and notes to help grow your sales