Pushing the Perimeter: How Digital Leaders are Securing the Dispersed Enterprise

Pushing the Perimeter: how digital leaders are securing the dispersed enterprise – what’s the research about?

Remote working and increased digital collaboration have increased in many businesses during the pandemic and in many cases has had a major impact on approaches to cybersecurity. Businesses have had to make rapid shifts to the cloud without the time to fully consider the security implications. Security threats and challenges and security priorities are evolving. The challenge these days is securing dispersed networks with no clear border – ‘perimeterless’ networks.

This survey will explore your experiences and opinions around meeting security challenges with infrastructure transformation.

Abstract: facilitates industry learning for senior executives in business and technology roles. We do this through the production of rich industry content, combining desk research with first-hand experiences and opinions from dozens of pre-selected contributors who participate in 30-minute interviews.

Interviewees find the experience intellectually stimulating and are curious to find out how their peer group is tackling similar challenges.

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An eBook will be published in late 2020 which will reveal the findings and offer a guide to navigating the challenges business and technology leaders face in transitioning to their organisations to address new customer demands.

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