Virtual Workshops

Virtual Workshops explained

Virtual workshops uncover the challenges your buyers are facing that can be addressed by your solutions.

Unlike the virtual roundtables, attendees are from a single enterprise account that has been qualified as having a challenge you can help them with.

The objective of the virtual workshop is to discuss solutions to your buyers' current challenges through a stimulating collaborative session, setup and moderated by TechPros.

By following a similar format to TechPros virtual roundtables, these 90 minute sessions use a variety of questions to clarify 2 challenges (facing the buyer team) that relate to the workshop topic.

These questions will have been gathered by TechPros and voted on by the workshop participants prior to the event. These questions will be shared with you and allow you to prepare for the solution round at the workshop.

The TechPros team summarises and condenses all workshop findings into a deck which your sales team can send along with a proposal or suggested next steps.

Virtual Workshops are typically attended by 2 people from your organisation, ideally a salesperson and someone from product or professional services. We invite a maximum of 4 buyer representatives to the session to ensure optimum engagement. They typically run for 90 minutes.

Why Virtual Workshops?

A structured, collaborative approach to analysing current business problems, identifying solutions with the help of experts in the subject

Clarify the biggest problems your company currently faces, relating to the subject and business risks of the status quo

Identify and discuss a range of solutions to these problems, the implications of the changes to the business and the critical success factors relating to implementation

Receive a summary of the challenges identified, solutions put forward and critical success factors required

TechPros Virtual Workshop Workflow

Produce Virtual Workshop brief and publish at prior to launching the campaign.

Once a buyer is interested and qualified, prepare a participant deck which explains the process.

Send out questionnaire for buyer participants to each summarise the key challenges they would like to discuss.

Once all challenges are received, send these out for voting. The 2 most popular are selected for the event.

TechPros hosts and moderates the virtual workshop.

Collect feedback from all participants.

Produce event deck summarising challenges and solutions.

Follow up with event deck and ‘next steps’.

Workflow Breakdown

01 Produce Virtual Workshop Brief

The virtual workshop brief is a page hosted on the TechPros Foleon platform which explains the format and benefits of the virtual workshop and includes a form where buyers can register interest.

As each thought leadership campaign progresses, this page can evolve to include a summary of the key findings, selection of quotes and download link to the content piece produced.

02 Prepare participant deck

Once the client sponsor tells us someone is interested in a virtual workshop, we will prepare a deck with their logo along with the participants who will be attending. The deck will explain the virtual workshop format and what is expected of them in preparation for the session.

03 Receive challenges from the buyer participants

Whilst the challenges may be shared across all 4 buyer participants, by inviting them to each submit their challenges, the team receive a broader range of thoughts and perspectives relating to the subject.

These challenges are shared prior to the event to help your team understand the context and detail around the problems.

04 Initiate voting

The challenges are then sent to the virtual workshop participants for voting, with the 2 most popular being selected. Unlike the virtual roundtable where the challenge owner is the person who fields questions from the participants, in the virtual workshop the buyer team can nominate which buyer participant will be selected to field questions (usually the person with the most knowledge/ operational responsibility in the subject area).

05 Event execution

Whilst the buyer participants will usually have a general understanding of the context around the problem, the question round serves as an opportunity to discuss the challenges in greater detail. The client sponsor can also use this as an opportunity to clarify their understanding.

06 Feedback

TechPros sends out a feedback questionnaire to assess the value the buyer received from the session. The questionnaire can be designed for the client sponsor to offer solutions to the challenges, giving a basis for follow up discussions with participants.

07 Produce post event deck

Similar to the TechPros roundtable event follow-up decks, we summarise the detail behind the challenges offered as well as the solutions given.

08 Follow up to buyer

The client sponsor follows up with each of the virtual workshop participants to thank them for their time, attaching the post-event deck. This may be the time to suggest another call to discuss a sale proposal!

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