Virtual Roundtables

Engage Buyers through Virtual Roundtable events

Virtual Roundtables are a great way to build deeper relationships with buyers. They work best where an existing relationship is in place. By offering an intellectually challenging and stimulating experience, these are always found valuable by participants. These events are intimate ‘video on’, 90-minute sessions with a minimum of 8 participants (usually 5 buyers, 2 sponsor representatives and a moderator). Virtual roundtables explore at least 2 specific challenges presented by 2 of the buyer participants, selected via a voting round beforehand. These challenges exist within a theme that has been outlined by the Sponsor.

Why Virtual Rountables?

Tap into the minds of decision-makers and influencers working within your target accounts

Participate in a stimulating discussion which uncovers challenges and issues 

Demonstrate competence and credibility by sharing relevant knowledge and experience

Establish your company as a serious option for solving the problems identified  

TechPros Virtual Roundtable Workflow

Consult and agree on a topical theme

Build a co-branded event landing page

Secure participant attendance from the target list

Engage and brief attendees on the event format

Oversee pre-event voting and selection of challenges

Host and moderate event

Collect feedback from all participants

Produce key findings and notes to help grow your sales

Workflow Breakdown

01 Consult and agree on a topical theme

Network Sunday will work with you to identify a relevant and topical theme that will attract participants and relate to your service offerings.

Virtual Roundtable themes are often associated with a thought leadership programme that is inflight or a recently produced eBook.

The best themes relate to industry paradigm shifts caused by disruptive technologies, new business models, regulation or macroeconomic influences.

02 Build a co-branded event landing page

Once the topical theme is agreed, the next step is to build a dedicated landing page to promote the Virtual Roundtable event.

This landing page is hosted on the website and is co-branded with your organisation’s logo.

Other information on the landing page includes:

  • Topic summary
  • Event details
  • Opportunity for potential attendees to register interest

03 Secure participant attendance from the target list

The next step in the workflow is for the events team to identify and approach key C-level decision-makers and influencers from your target accounts to sign-up and attend the event.

Once the potential participants are identified, we use a multi-channel approach – LinkedIn, email and phoning to encourage participants.  Attendees can also come from your current pipeline – the event can be used to move the relationship forward or rekindle an older relationship. We use Hubspot to track our deal stages as we secure participants.

04 Engage and brief attendees on the event format

To attract and prepare participants, an event guide is produced. The guide explains the event format, length and topics influencing the session. Useful links are included for background reading before the session. 

05 Oversee pre-event voting and selection of challenges

Each participant is asked to present a thought-provoking business challenge related to the central topical theme. These are circulated and voted on beforehand. The most popular challenge is then discussed at the event.

06 Host and moderate event

These are images of videos produced following previous virtual events to support digital marketing initiatives.

View the short videos from our virtual roundtable discussions, which are useful ‘snackable content pieces’ and can be shared widely on social media via the link below.

07 Collect feedback from all participants

All participants provide feedback at the end of each event.

Score based out of ten and collected from a recent roundtable event.

Format was good. Highly experienced participants leading to an insightful discussion.

Gaurav Swarup, CTO at Yell

A good forum for exchanging senior IT challenges and explaining solutions.

Peter Kirby, EMEA Client Partner at Virtual Clarity

Great insights from people with varied backgrounds and company drives.

Mike Croucher, CTO at Travelport

08 Produce key findings and notes to help grow your sales

Following the session, we produce a deck to send on to the event participants.

This helps your salespeople with the event follow up process, securing following on dialogue by creating an opportunity to engage.

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