Interactive Panel Discussions

What Are Interactive Panel Discussions?

TechPros interactive panel discussions involve a panel of 3 to 4 thought leaders talking through a popular business topic for 45 to 60 minutes. The event is attended live by dozens of pre-registered industry participants.

Unlike our private virtual roundtables which are not recorded and operate by Chatham House rules, interactive webinars are public, intended to generate as much attention as possible.

Interactive webinars can be run as part of a broader thought leadership programme, even following a virtual roundtable where 2 of the participants could then be invited to be panellists.

Why Interactive Panels?

Discuss a topical industry theme led by experts whilst engaging with dozens of industry professionals, including buyers, who join the event

Participate in a stimulating discussion which builds the case for investing in your solution

Demonstrate expertise by sharing relevant knowledge, experience and a high-level overview of your solution

Share the event recording with the wider market. Follow up and engage further with attendees and registrants

TechPros Interactive Panel Workflow

Decide on a panel theme, positioning, date and secure panelists

Develop attendee attraction strategy

Build a co-branded event landing page and design messaging and adverts

Market the event to the CRM and advertise widely to secure registrations

Nurture event registrants through requesting and sharing questions

Host and moderate event, read out questions and run polls

Collect and share feedback from all event participants

Produce videos, share event findings on social media and increase event views/ registrants

Workflow Breakdown

01 Decide on a panel theme, positioning, date and secure panelists

The success of your event is intrinsically linked to the strength of its positioning.

What is it about your event that will give your audience a reason to attend and what are their motivators?

What problems is your event going to solve for them? What is your event going to deliver that will make the attendee choose this over another event? What content journey will generate excitement, motivate registration and keep engagement high until your event?

We work with you to decide your target audience and tailor your positioning to ensure the interactive panel discussion maximises registrations and resonates with attendees.

Panelists will be secured from your existing network (usually an existing client and two other thought leaders/ prospective buyers).

02 Develop attendee attraction strategy

What message will encourage registrations?

It is important to keep the buyer’s journey in mind so that you can communicate the most relevant message, at the right time.

There may be less complications to attend virtual events, but this also means less responsibility to show up on the day. Your targeting plan should include an engagement plan to keep your attendees interested up until the day of the event.

How will you split the benefits into easily digestible messages to distribute, educate and excite? When will you be releasing each phase of your campaign to ensure maximum effectiveness?

How can you utilise your sales/marketing teams' 1st level connections?

What advertising spend will be required to assist with hitting targets?

03 Build a co-branded event landing page and design digital assets

Digital Assets - Design, Develop & Integrate

Once the positioning has been finalised we design, develop and integrate a set of digital assets that will drive the highest number of attendees to your event. This includes an event registration landing page, messaging, web copy and ads.

04 Market the event to the CRM and advertise widely to secure registrations

To attract and prepare participants, an event guide is produced. The guide explains the event format, length and the topics influencing the session. Useful links are also included for background reading prior to the event.

05 Nurture event registrants through requesting and sharing questions

Once registered, event attendees are asked to present questions which will be shared with the panelists before the session. With their permission, we also share the names of other registrants to create a community feel.

06 Host and moderate event, read out questions, run polls

An experienced TechPros moderator will host the panel discussion, put questions to the guests and run polls to capture market feedback in real time.

These are images of videos produced following previous interactive panel discussions to support digital marketing initiatives.

Check the short videos from our panel discussions, which are useful ‘snackable content pieces’ and can be shared widely on social media.

07 Collect feedback from all event participants

All event attendees are asked to give feedback on their experience, which is shared online.

Average feedback scores from our last two events

Score based out of ten and collected from our recent events

It was excellent to hear the disruptive technologies.

Awanish Verma, Director and System Architect at Xilinx

An excellent event for sharing the challenges and best practices in transforming network infrastructures by the leading technology experts.

Natasha Davydova, VP, CTO Financial Services, Head of Solutions Engineering UK & Ireland at Salesforce

Very good, well moderated.

Michelle Boylan, Head of Digital, Data and Technology at Irish Cancer Society

08 Produce videos, share event findings on social media, increase event views/registrants

The interactive panel discussions are recorded and available to watch after the event. TechPros can also produce short videos of the panelists to be shared on LinkedIn and wider social media, acknowledging participants with links to the event video and driving up views.

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