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How will your organisation add value to a prospective buyer? Why should they meet with you? What information can you offer that they can't find themselves online? How can you help them? Is the timing good? These are all important questions that salespeople should ask themselves before attempting to secure a meeting with a prospective buyer. As people get busier with information and interruptions, breaking through the noise and capturing the attention of buyers is increasingly difficult. How does Network Sunday secure sales meetings for its clients? The answer is by working with our clients to build value-led programmes and proposals.

Meetings which follow interviews

All our market engagement programmes involve the production of crowdsourced content where, for example, in an annual programme, over a hundred senior professionals take 30 minute interviews answering ten or more questions that have been carefully constructed. Within a few days of the interview, our clients listen to the recordings and have the option to follow up with the interviewees which we arrange. Given the intellectually stimulating experiences, interviewees are open to continuing the discussion and following this there are multiple opportunities to engage with quotes and draft chapters. In many instances these conversations lead to sales meetings and referrals.

Meetings following marketing launch

To coincide with the content marketing programme we work with our clients to devise value-led strategies to attract buyers. This could start with a webinar and lead to virtual roundtables or workshops. If the subject is of interest, which it will be as the marketing strategy has evolved from many hours of interviews, then buyers will be interested in learning more and exploring proposals. Network Sunday has a dedicated target driven sales team who leverage a combination of LinkedIn, email and the phone to execute Account Based Marketing (highly personalised) and other marketing strategies to secure exploratory meetings.

Group meetings & events

Ideally in person, but also virtual if required, Network Sunday builds event pages and approaches specific buyers from your target accounts to participate in roundtable events. These are intimate sessions offering clients an afternoon of discussion and interaction followed by drinks and canapes. These sessions are an excellent way to establish relationships with senior buyers, find out what challenges they are facing and work with them to assess the viability for follow on sales discussions.

Feedback from event attendees.

To date more than 2000 enterprise professionals have been personally interviewed by TechPros amounting to over 1000 hours of industry insight and intelligence, feeding quality eBooks, articles, videos, roundtable and panel discussions which help our clients get closer to their customers and their challenges.

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