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Increase subscribers, followers and event registrations

Producing great content has limited value if people don't read it. Network Sunday helps its enterprise clients market eBooks, articles, video eMagazines, events and other content assets to assist both the top and bottom of the sales funnel. We also support small businesses, with LinkedIn company page management, monthly newsletter design and messaging to subscribers.

Key to successful content marketing is the use of a content platform such as Foleon which hosts the page you are reading now. Foleon allows your content to be easily edited, nicely designed with embedded multimedia files and also has a useful reporting tool (see below). We can host your content via the Foleon content platform or set up and manage your own.

Benefits of a well executed content marketing strategy

  • Thousands of content views, brand awareness and credibility
  • Deeper engagement with your pipeline line, building momentum for wider buy-in to your solution
  • Increasing LinkedIn company page activity (views, followers, comments and likes)
  • Driving event registrations.
  • Insights into performance of each and every page of content (where content is hosted on Foleon)
  • Enhanced reader experience (where content is hosted on Foleon)
  • Drive more traffic to your website

Engagement tracking

Keeping a track of unique visitors, total page views, average time on each page etc. will help you measure the success of your content marketing activity as well as how interesting your readers find each page of your content.

You can see the number of visits back to your website.

Marketing thought leadership content produced by TechPros

Following the delivery of your eBook(s), articles or video eMagazines, within a week Network Sunday will produce:


Share of content with each individual who took an interview via a personalised one to one message from TechPros content and events manager.


Co-branded HTML email promoting the eBook and any associated articles that have been written. This will be sent out by TechPros to the database we have developed for you (including those who took an interview and those who didn't) to encourage as many views and shares as possible.


Images designed showing the headshots, names and quotes of interviewees who participated in your TechPros programme (see example below).


Each being a message relating to an individual quote card, drawing attention to the contribution made by the interviewee and a link to the specific page the interviewee's quote is featured (assuming we have produced an eBook in digital format as well as PDF).


Which includes all of the LinkedIn post drafts, quote cards and a suggested date when the LinkedIn posts should be drafted.

Network Sunday will also provide coaching to clients on approaches to maximising LinkedIn post shares including writing to the PR or corporate communication representatives of the interviewees' employers to encourage sharing via their company pages sometimes with hundreds of thousands of followers.

Quote Cards & LinkedIn Posts

Using the same imagery from your content publication, we design and publish quote cards that feature your eBook contributors alongside their quotes. These are made exclusively for LinkedIn and posted in the form of a pre-written acknowledgment that includes a short synopsis of their contribution, tags each contributor, and links to the particular chapter in which they’ve been featured in the digital eBook.

Posting quote cards typically results in upwards of 500 post impressions and multiple likes & shares. The contributors themselves (and possibly their PR / corporate communications team) reshare this post within their network, increasing the reach even further.

Click here to see an example

Supporting Salespro clients with content marketing

Our Salespro clients typically have limited in-house marketing resources and limited time available. To assist entrepreneurs and their teams we can provide an additional monthly support service alongside their market engagement retainer.

This includes producing content published on the Foleon pages embedded into your website:

  • Web content - pages that further explain your service or product offering
  • Short articles - interviews with your directors, employees or clients for thought leadership
  • Case studies - interviews with you and your buyers to make your service come to life
  • Videos - interviews to share insights or explain products or services

Learn more about Network Sunday's content production services.

Each month we will send a newsletter to your 'qualified' addressable market - a nicely designed email with links to recently produced content. We can take over the management of your LinkedIn company page, increasing followers, comments and shares through relevant content sharing.

Supported by leading technology journalists and interviewers, produces quality eBooks, articles, videos and podcasts which feature your buyers. hosts your content which can integrate with your marketing platform.

Monthly newsletter

Nurturing your market with valuable content of legitimate interest will ensure your brand remains front of mind and may also result in inbound sales enquiries. Network Sunday will design HTML templates and see that at least one piece of your original content is produced and shared. Open and click rates can be presented to sense check market interest. We will manage your database and can set up automation based on smart sequences using the Freshmarketer platform.

LinkedIn company page management

Keeping your LinkedIn company page active is essential to marketing business today as buyers will look at your online LinkedIn presence to get a sense of your credibility, relevance and organisation culture. We can take over the management of your company page, ensuring followers and social interactions increase by:

  • Planning your content curation strategy
  • Researching content and reviewing articles
  • Maintaining a content calendar for 2 weeks in advance
  • Drafting LinkedIn posts
  • Tagging clients and associates and encouraging reshares
  • Reviewing articles and content posts
  • Posting content company pages and groups
  • Responding to posts or chasing you up to reply to comments
  • Curating additional content
  • Creating LinkedIn events and driving registrations.

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