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Central to an effective content marketing programme is the production of interesting, authentic content that buyers will consume and help shape their thinking. TechPros writers are all seasoned journalists, each with over 20 years experience writing in the B2B technology and services industry.


TechPros is Network Sunday's Content Production brand.

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The content publications incorporate insights from a wide range of experienced business and technology professionals coupled with desk based research and client interviews. eBooks and articles offer substance and variety of opinion that will support credible thought leadership programmes. By co-branding content with TechPros your company becomes a knowledge broker, bringing rigor, creativity, and strategic thinking to your market.

The content we produce, facilitated by speaks to relevant themes and topic areas and addresses changes in market conditions, customer sentiments, competitive threats, and technology advancements. By digitising publications it is possible to break down larger pieces of content into chapters so links to these specific sections can be shared in articles and posts.

Original research and thought leadership content produced by attracts higher levels of media attention, blogger commentary, LinkedIn views and social media conversations. We work with PR agencies who write by-lined articles on behalf of or client business leaders. These are published in the trade press offering more buzz and brand awareness. As part of the marketing process we produce quote cards and draft and publish posts which acknowledge contributors and encourage sharing of the content which ramps up views.

Video adds a rich dimension to a content marketing programme, offering buyers deeper insight into your people and their thoughts. Short or longer pieces can be incorporated into publications and shared on social media to reinforce your message and conclusions from the finding of a research initiative. We offer alternatives depending on budgets and can send our cameraman to your office or interview you over a high quality web conference platform.

Example client video: Virtual Clarity's MD Tom Morgan explores why so many cloud migrations stall mid-way, and the long-term business impacts of murky IT environments.

With credible content salespeople can help their ‘account champions’ (advocates within their buyer accounts), engage a wider audience with credible, strategic content. This will drive brand relevance and authority and assist with opening doors.

To date more than 2000 enterprise professionals have been personally interviewed by TechPros amounting to over 1000 hours of industry insight and intelligence, feeding quality eBooks, articles, videos, roundtable and panel discussions which help our clients get closer to their customers and their challenges.

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