Marketing Partner for SMBs

Many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) do not wish to take on the cost of an in-house business developer. Besides the overhead of salary, PAYE, National Insurance and Pension Contributions, these roles are usually performed by staff requiring a high level of management and prone to short employment tenures.

Network Sunday offers a dedicated account manager who runs your outbound marketing campaigns, supported by a full-time employee (FTE) who we refer to as a Research and Messaging Associate (RMA).

Being part of the wider Network Sunday group, which includes our content and events brand, you also have access to our writers, designers, digital marketers and videographers who can be hired on a needs basis to develop web content, case studies and eBooks. We can also manage your LinkedIn company page to grow your followers and market awareness.


Network Sunday has specialised in outbound marketing for over 11 years, helping more than 700 salespeople in the UK and North America hit revenue targets. All’s intelligence and process expertise has been developed over this time. This covers things like marketing technology, messaging effectiveless, LinkedIn research, email sourcing and outreach, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, security, GDPR compliance.

The benefit of working with us is instant online access to a dedicated team between 8.30am and 4.30pm UK time. During this time we are available via an instant message platform and Zoom video to discuss new sales leads, campaign ideas, messaging strategies and marketing requirements. Simply put, we are your dedicated marketing team!

A Business to Human (B2H) approach to your buyers

Salespro's clients are typically selling high-value propositions to large organisations and more often than not these are IT, professional services or software solutions.

Your buyers are being bombarded by generic sales messages every day so to be successful, an intelligent approach is needed to capture their attention.

Salespro is not in the high volume 'cost per lead' game. If you want an agency to send out hundreds of automated emails to a poorly researched database and 'flood your inbox' with responses, then we are not the right agency for you. We are here to help you build your brand and invest your time sensibly, speaking to people who are the 'right fit'.

Salespro is your experienced marketing partner who will:

Work with you on an intelligent approach to engage exactly the right buyers

Analyse each and every buyer - their website, LinkedIn company and profile pages to ensure suitability

Go through these companies and buyers with you before investing time approaching them

Invite these qualified buyers to connect with you on LinkedIn

Send personalised messages through both LinkedIn and email on your behalf which demonstrates you have qualified them properly

Communicate with you throughout the week via our Flock platform

Book Zoom or Teams exploratory video calls for you and your buyers

Update CRM deal stages in a pipeline for a weekly review of progress and KPIs

Besides setting exploratory calls with your buyers, we can work with you to develop more web content that explains what you do and the value that your buyers experience from investing in your solution. Find out more about our range of Content Production and Content Marketing Services. For clients looking to rebrand we also offer a Market Preparation service.

Salespro Market Engagement Process


Understanding your proposition Understanding your target market Who is the perfect buyer? Identifying your 'paying it forward' offer Developing a campaign plan Setting up systems Drafting messaging templates Training your RMA on personalisation Setting up KPIs and reporting


Identifying the right companies Identifying the right people (buyers) Cross-checking against CRM Reviewing website & LinkedIn Capturing insights for messaging Quality checks and approvals Sourcing emails and LinkedIn URLs Prioritising outreach


LinkedIn connections, messages & InMail’s, e-mails

Response management and lead categorisation

Inbox and message engagement monitoring

Tasks, filters and GDPR compliant processes


Managing responses to leads to encourage a discussion

Qualifying, scheduling and rescheduling appointments

Feedback capture

Updating CRM with deal stages and notes


Weekly review calls to discuss KPIs and leads and appointments

New sectors, accounts, titles, messaging and campaign strategy as required

Monthly progress report


Interviews with your directors

Articles for LinkedIn and web

Case studies


LinkedIn Company Page management Videos

Market Engagement Funnel - Salespro

Close collaboration with you to to ensure only the right companies and buyer contacts are selected to be approached, capturing information from their websites and LinkedIn presence to personalised the approach.

Approach all buyers individually through LinkedIn (connect and message) and InMail on your behalf. Send personalised emails with automated follow ups to ensure sufficient touch points / reminders.

Manage LinkedIn and email inboxes on your behalf. Set up appointments with buyers who are happy to speak and share responses with others who have questions through our Flock instant message platform.

Exploratory phone calls (EXPs) are coordinated and rearranged as required. You feedback the outcome to us and confirm whether there is an an agreed next action step with the buyer, indicating an opportunity = sales lead (SL).

Salespro Market Engagement Process


Network Sunday has managed outbound marketing programmes since 2009 supporting over 700 salespeople globally. We constantly evolve our proposition to address changes in the buyer environment.


Account Manager and Research and Messaging Associate (RMA) available between 8.30am and 4.30am offering quick responses, working virtually, alongside you like all other remote employees.


Careful identification and personalised outreach based on insight to ensure messages are sent to the right people and resonate with these individual buyers, opening up dialogue for you.


Full suite of content production and marketing services on offer to help you articulate your solution online, nurture buyers and build your brand.


We work with you to develop ideas to engage your market through 'Pay it forward' strategies that maximise traction and trust with buyers before the selling starts.

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