Account-based marketing engagement solutions

Network Sunday’s ABM Engagement Solutions

Capturing the attention of enterprise & mid-market business and technology leaders is becoming increasingly difficult. Uncovering their needs and convincing them to explore your solution is even harder. Network Sunday’s fully managed ABM Engagement Solutions bring together, content, inbound, outbound, PR and event programmes into one cohesive, affordable strategy to address this exact problem.


Through our content brand, we interview dozens of senior professionals from your target accounts, who are willing to share information with us and with you. These insights educate and prepare your salespeople to engage with them.


Producing great content builds credibility and attracts customers. Through we produce co-branded content assets for you, which educate your market, featuring your potential buyers and account champions.


We work with you to promote this content, both directly within your target accounts and also through LinkedIn, generating thousands of page views and hundreds of registrations. Through our PR partner, we can secure publicity in the trade press.


Meetings are generated off the back of interviews and following the launch of content, e.g. offering strategic reviews and workshops. We also host and moderate interactive roundtable events and panel discussions / webinars which relate to the thought leadership programmes.

Watch these short videos from our CEO, to learn about crowdsourcing content, leveraging LinkedIn, the power of interviews, the value of insights and building momentum with client champions who will sell you to their colleagues.

Our Approach

Network Sunday’s market engagement programmes are underpinned by two integrated work streams which run in parallel.

Stream 1 involves outreach to your selected senior professionals from your target accounts with a ‘call to action.’ To start with this is to take an interview for a content publication. Interview campaigns typically last 3 to 6 months. Later, outreach could be an invitation to a virtual event moderated by TechPros, or a strategic workshop, usually as a follow on component of the thought leadership initiative.

Stream 2 usually begins after 4 months and involves producing content, initially an eBook which is mandatory, followed by LinkedIn articles and videos as required. This content is published via LinkedIn and email, acknowledging participants, generating thousands of views. Sometimes articles are published in the trade press through a PR initiative.

Market Engagement Funnel to generate SQLs


30 minute recorded phone calls with your target buyers to uncover insights for an eBook whilst uncovering their role and identifying business challenges and opportunities for sales to engage.

All interview notes and recordings are shared (via Soundcloud). Sales confirm if they are keen to speak with the interviewees, Network Sunday then schedules an exploratory call or meeting (within a week). Coaching is given to sales so they follow best practice.

Sales speak with the interviewees to discuss their interview in more detail meanwhile build rapport and assesses the potential for a follow on sales conversation or a referral to a colleague and secure commitment to a follow up meeting.

Network Sunday assists sales with securing follow on meetings by providing sales with quotes of the interviewee / prospect and draft eBook chapters. Sales progress the relationships accordingly.

STREAM 1 - Easy for sales to engage

Interview recordings presented - Easy access private Soundcloud playlist

Interview notes presented

Appointments and reschedules managed. Coaching given to Salespeople

Themes developed

Content & Events Funnel to generate SQLs


eBooks are digitised so that individual chapters can be promoted and shared via LinkedIn. Supporting articles are written as well as featured interviewee quote cards and a content calendar for a 3-month awareness campaign. PR engaged as part of the launch.

3-month awareness campaign where all key interviewees are featured in a LinkedIn post and encouraged to share with their Network. Strategy drives content views and registrations.

Off the back of the eBook and content promotion devise an offer of value to take to the market. These can cover a series of roundtable events, panel discussion/webinars. Currently, due to Covid-19 these are all run online. Produce more content e.g., videos.

Follow up with event participants and the wider market with an offer of value e.g. complimentary workshop / strategic review. Use this as a lever to uncover sales opportunities, discuss and address immediate problems.

The role of is Network Sunday’s content brand. It’s purpose is to facilitate access to senior business and technology leaders for Network Sunday’s clients. offers a platform for pre-selected senior professionals to participate in the development of content publications and learn from their peer group.

Participants enjoy an intellectually stimulating learning experience and making new connections. As well as raising their profile online.  As a result they are open to ongoing dialogue or referring colleagues who may be closer to the budget or process.