Account-based marketing solutions for enterprise

ABM Engagement Solutions For Enterprise

Capturing the attention of busy enterprise business and technology leaders is becoming increasingly difficult. Uncovering their needs and convincing them to explore your solution is even harder. Network Sunday’s fully managed account-based marketing (ABM) solution for enterprise is ideal for established brands to engage senior buyers in content-led marketing programmes. The service delivers:


Through our content brand, we interview dozens of senior professionals from your target accounts, who are willing to share information with us and with you. These insights educate and prepare your salespeople to engage with them.


Producing great content builds credibility and attracts customers. Through we produce co-branded content assets for you, which educate your market, featuring your potential buyers and account champions.


We work with you to promote this content, both directly within your target accounts and also through LinkedIn, generating thousands of page views and hundreds of registrations. Through our PR partner, we can secure publicity in the trade press.


Meetings are generated off the back of interviews and following the launch of content, e.g. offering strategic reviews and workshops. We also host and moderate interactive roundtable events and panel discussions / webinars which relate to the thought leadership programmes.

Watch this short video from our CEO to learn about crowdsourcing content, leveraging LinkedIn, the power of interviews, the value of insights and building momentum with client champions who will sell you to their colleagues.

Two Stream Approach

Network Sunday’s market engagement programmes are underpinned by two integrated workstreams which run in parallel.

Stream 1 involves devising a theme for a content publication (see for examples) and questionnaire. We then approach suitable buyers from your target account list and invite them to participate in 30 min interviews. These interview recordings are shared with you and a follow-up meeting is scheduled for you to discuss their insights further. Following this, we finalise a quote from the interviewee in the content publication. A number of these post-interview conversations lead on to sales discussions.

Stream 2 involves the production, publishing and promotion of content publications, typically eBooks, articles or video eMagazines following a number of interviews completed. Stream 2 also covers virtual roundtable discussions and interactive panel discussions hosted and moderated by TechPros to further engage interviewees and the wider market.

Market Engagement Funnel - Enterprise


30 minute recorded interviews with your selected buyers managed by TechPros. Interviewees find the experience intellectually stimulating, helping them clarify their thinking on important industry or sector topics.

All interview notes and recordings are shared via Soundcloud. Your programme team has 48 hours to listen and come back to us, advising on anything the interviewee said that was of particular interest.

Exploratory calls (EXPs) are scheduled with the interviewees for your solution specialists and salesperson to discuss the insights further and recommend quotes or areas of interest. TechPros follows up with each interviewee to secure quotes.

If there is an opportunity to talk further about your solution with the interviewee or their colleagues, these are referred to as sales leads (SLs). We help you to nurture these new relationships through content production and virtual events.

STREAM 1 - Easy for you to engage with interviewees

Intellectually stimulating interviews

Interview recordings presented - easily accessible through private Soundcloud playlist

Interview notes presented

Appointments and reschedules managed. Coaching given to Salespeople

Content & Events Funnel


eBooks are digitised so that individual chapters can be promoted and shared via LinkedIn. Supporting articles can be written, in addition to featured interviewee quote cards and a content calendar for a 3-month awareness campaign. PR engaged as part of the launch if required.

eBook shared with database and 3-month awareness campaign initiated where all key interviewees are featured in a LinkedIn post and encouraged to share with their Network. Strategy drives content views and registrations.

Off the back of the eBook run a series of virtual roundtable events with selected interviewees, particularly those where there are sales opportunities identified. We can also host and moderate interactive panel discussions, discussing best practice with experts.

Follow up with event participants (roundtables) or attendees (panels) with follow on programmes e.g. group workshops or one to one sales meetings.

The role of is Network Sunday’s content and events brand. Its purpose is to create memorable experiences for your buyers through stimulating interviews and virtual events which break the ice and encourage follow on meetings for your salespeople to explore how you can help them and their organisations become more successful.

Participants of TechPros content programmes enjoy:

- an intellectually stimulating interview on a topical subject which interests them - insights into peer group thinking, offering a useful benchmark for their own ideas - promotion of their personal brand on LinkedIn with thousands of content views - opportunity to participate in virtual roundtable discussions with other participants