Market Preparation

Marketing programmes succeed when brands are perceived as strong.

Businesses presenting a fresh, contemporary brand, rich messaging and engaging content promoting solutions that resonate with buyers, will attract more buyers.

With digital content playing an increasingly important role in the sales process, companies must ensure they have an outstanding online presence which builds confidence, trust and customer advocacy.

Prior to investing in Account-Based Marketing or any other initiative to drive interest and demand, Network Sunday can help you breathe new life and purpose into your brand.

Network Sunday's Market Preparation service guides you on a collaborative 6 step journey from the very beginning (e.g. deciding to invest in a brand refresh) to arrive at a clear business vision, with reinvigorated propositions and new digital content that resonates with buyers.



We work with you to help establish your desired outcomes from the programme, such as considering propositions and sectors to develop, features to redesign, the number of content assets required and in what format. A project plan is delivered with associated deliverables, timelines and budget.‚Äč Whilst we charge for this service, the fee is offset against the main project fee.


Business Horizon

Key to a new brand strategy and ultimately longterm growth and success is a clear business vision shared by all senior stakeholders. Setting a purpose and direction at the start of the project means aligning your leaders to one common direction, which importantly comes from the heart and inspires energy and action! Network Sunday's consultants will produce a 'Business Horizon' deck summarising the final shared vision. This work will inform the market research work in step 3.


Market Research

With a shared view of your business horizon, for each proposition our team curates, compiles and probes credible industry data and trends, and interrogates vendor and consumer strategies, spend and behaviours. We analyse the competitor landscape, talk to your customers for perception research, then summarise and simplify the findings, organising them into a model for discussion.


Strategy Development

For each proposition, we present market research along with insights and ideas, followed by an interactive workshop. This allows your leadership team time to digest and prepare for the consultation. With the business horizon in mind and taking account of the findings from the market research, Network Sunday then facilitates a detailed discussion to surface your team's thoughts and feelings, encouraging fresh ideas to assist with the pending proposition refresh. Following this session, we update the business horizon deck.


Proposition Refresh

For each proposition, we deliver a deck which summarises the buyer personas (companies and roles), what they care about, the problems they have, why YOU are the best choice to help them solve the problem and the benefits your customers will gain from working with you. We will clearly communicate how and why the refreshed propositions are valuable and viable. These propositions will be reviewed to ensure alignment, with further tweaks where necessary and final signoff. The final proposition deck will provide the insight for step 6 - design and collateral development.


Design & Collateral Development

Well designed and creative marketing materials can be an effective and powerful way of engaging with your target customers. Network Sunday's designers and writers will create a wide range of marketing materials to transform your brand, ensuring a clear, unique and memorable message reflecting your culture and vision. The renewed content will enthuse your sales and marketing teams, in addition to the wider business. This is key to happy customers and longterm business growth.


Experienced Brand, Sales & Marketing Consultants

Network Sunday's senior associate consultants each have over 20 years of experience in brand development, sales and marketing strategy, innovation and investment realisation. Their skills are underpinned by solid and secure programme delivery and their efforts have contributed to double-digit revenue growth for clients across different industries and sectors. Our team is well versed in interviewing entrepreneurs and C-level business leaders to establish a clear vision, then working collaboratively to deliver a transformed brand and proposition strategy ready for our design and content team to take over.

Design & Content Team

Once the new brand strategy has been finalised, Network Sunday's design and content team get to work. A dedicated project manager will work alongside your marketing managers on a daily basis to oversee a project plan and timely delivery of agreed content assets. Depending on your requirement and budget, we can work on a new logo, website layout, write new content for web pages, case studies, interview write-ups, product sheets, articles, videos, social media pages, adverts and more. Using market-leading design tools and content platforms, designing ads for social media platforms.

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