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Network Sunday began in 2009. We were the first outbound marketing agency to generate sales leads via LinkedIn, which at the time was a recruitment platform. By 2014, buyers had become saturated with sales messages and the market shifted to inbound content marketing. Network Sunday tested a new marketing approach - instead of promoting products and services from the start, we first initiated dialogue between our clients and their buyers on industry topics for eBooks. The strategy proved successful and we built effective marketing programmes around content and events, which paved the way for sales conversations.

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Right now we are looking for an experienced, strategic marketing agency leader in South Africa who has experience recruiting and leading high-performing teams, whilst developing marketing strategies and campaigns, overseeing delivery, upsells, and renewals with European and US clients. We need someone who will ensure a seamless migration from the sale to discovery, strategy, execution, and finally renewal, achieving annual revenue targets.

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  • Consult with new clients to analyse campaign requirements, their Total Addressable Market (TAM), and buyer personas. Participate in late-stage sales discussions to help scope out requirements and assist with deal closure.
  • Lead campaign ideation and develop questionnaires. Analyse client proposition, read recent articles and reports on technology innovation and devise intelligent thought-provoking questions which will engage experience enterprise business and technology leaders.
  • Brief account team on all new campaigns and onboard account manager. Prepare assigned account manager and support teams through explainer videos. Ensure account plans are set up to meet contractual requirements.
  • Chair client immersions and finalise themes, questionnaires, and messaging. Facilitate discussion via roundtable format to reach consensus on campaign themes and questions.
  • Analyse pipeline conversion metrics to ensure account managers are on track. Dig into the numbers to forecast results, troubleshoot, and lead team meetings to make changes to campaign themes and messaging as required.
  • Oversee all client engagements and own the monthly reporting of results / KPIs. Maintain an active but arms-length relationship with all client Sponsors helping them present the success of the programme as it develops.
  • Regularly report commercial plans across all accounts to the CEO. Present clear plans and timelines for upsells and renewals and make them happen.


  • Lead and coach a team of aspirational and motivated account managers.
  • Assist with recruitment of new account managers in South Africa.
  • Collaborate with global operations, content, and design teams.


  • Positive, high levels of energy with natural leadership skills. Smiles.
  • Entrepreneurial and comfortable working in a fast-paced changing environment.
  • Embrace diversity - there is no company more diverse than Network Sunday.
  • Project management - no fuss, just get things done according to the plan.
  • Sales and account management - confident asking for the business/sale.
  • Excellent presentation skills - experience producing decks.
  • Proactive - first to put forward ideas and plans.
  • Perfect written and spoken English.
  • University degree.


  • Hybrid - work from home and Spaces office.
  • The current team is in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

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