Roundtables Explained

When was the last time you made a business leader feel like they’d just had a great group therapy session? A well planned and executed roundtable event can do just this. roundtables follow a similar format to events run by CEO membership organisations.

Always resulting in positive feedback >8/10, run virtually or in person, these events are immersive, stimulating and intimate and present an ideal platform to engage with industry colleagues often facing similar challenges.

"Great experience with the TechPros and Mindtree team, bringing together leaders from a very diverse background - 9/10

Richard Mohr, Chief Technology Officer and VP of New Products, FMS at Ryder System, Inc.

"An inspiring exchange with exciting panelists that uncovered outside-the-box ideas on current topics - 8/10

Claus Grunow, VP Digitalisation, Strategy & Coordination at Fraport

After experiencing a highly engaging format used by CEO membership organisations who met monthly, I thought the same format could work for a group of C-level business leaders from a similar industry sector or business function.

We started hosting roundtables in London in 2018 at hotels and business clubs and they were a great success.

We have since run dozens of roundtables, most recently of course virtually via Zoom due to Covid 19 although thankfully in-person events are back on now.

Each participant is asked to share a specific challenge relevant to the topic at hand. These are voted on and the two winning challenges are selected for discussion. The challenge owner gets a round of questions from the table to inform the group of the problem. This is followed by a solutions round. Participants must concentrate fully throughout the session, devising multiple questions and solutions in case others have put forward the same ones before it's their turn.

The process of talking through how your organisation has approached a particular challenge can provoke clarity and critical thought. The challenge owners experience great value as a result of the ideas put forward by all participants. Conversations are stimulating, revealing and enjoyable and new connections are made. Sponsors benefit from market sentiment on topics that are relevant to their solutions as well as the positive experiences they have given to their participants.

During the pandemic, we moved these roundtable events online. Whilst they lack the benefits of meeting and working with others in person (including the drinks and canapes served afterwards!), virtual roundtables are effective and present a valuable 90 minutes for all participants.

Whether these sessions are held virtual or in-person they present sponsors and their participants with a solid platform to build relationships and learn from eachother.

"I am impressed by the structure and openness of the participants in sharing their views on the much needed topic during these challenging times addressing employee engagement, digitization and empathy - 10/10

Manikandesh Venkatachalam, Senior Vice President - Industry Leader Travel, Transportation & Hospitality at Mindtree

"A thought-provoking experience with tangible ideas of how to overcome a real challenge within our business, both for the now and in the future. It was beneficial to know that you were not on your own, with participants relating to the challenges that you were trying to overcome - 9/10

Alistair Cochrane, Chief Development Officer at Whistl UK Ltd

CEO & Founder

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